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We provide digital solutions using the latest technologies and innovative methodologies to keep your business relevant and ahead of the competition.


Disruption and innovation are great journeys along which you need people who will support you all the way ...

We have Fantastic people who have the experience to:

  • Help you to think about how to digitalize your strategy whichever your business is.

  • Provide the right human resources, process an agile ecosystem to research, and develop solutions that will be fully tested by real users before deployment.


Embracing transformation is more than going for a change, it’s about completely enhancing an experience from process to delivery for greater & simpler consumer experience with services or products.

We have the people who will contribute and support each and every step of the journey through :

  • Digital Transformation Strategy

  • Research, Development and validation

  • Implementation

  • Support


Your digital footprint should be the core part of business value. Whether small or big, digitalizing the strategy, contribute to more visibility, more qualified audience, being more connected contextually to customers.

We help you in the right target and the solutions that will enable you to build up loyalty using digital channels.

  • Digital Strategy

  • User & Target research

  • Implementation

  • Support


Design is not just fun it is also about planning, defining strategies and validation, building systems that ease the process as well as facilitate the use through different components libraries to enable design and brand scalability while being consistent to your brand.

Everything starts with the end-users. At Fantastic Mind, the customer is at the heart of everything we do. We use design sprints for rapid prototyping so as to quickly test and validate concepts before going to the production phase.

  • UX Personas and Customer Journey mapping

  • Design Thinking

  • Mobile and Web Mobile app design

  • Design systems

  • Implementation


Disrupting business model and focusing on the end users cannot be made without having data.

Design human centricity start from having the having an eye on data and the data points which enables continuous, predictive, preemptive analytics and cognitive libraries that feeds our intelligence platform.

  • Artificial Intelligence

  • Machine Learning & Deep Learning

  • IOT

  • Analytics

  • Big Data

  • Smart Dashboard


We are here to design, implement and manage different digital infrastructures, whether for cloud deployment, IOT parks with machine learning setups.

We have solutions and resources to provide the secured infrastructure that will dynamically scale up with your business needs :

  • Cloud Solutions

  • IOT Parks

  • Hosting & Mail servers






Rue de la Démocratie, Suite 005,

Ebène Junction, Ebène 72201, MU

Tel: (+230) 5449 1473

Hong Kong

2504 Universal Trade Centre,

3 Arbuthnot Road, Central, HK

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