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For the past 5 years, we have been re-thinking and leading the Schneider Electric UX/UI strategy for Digital Customer Experience Software (DCES).

Hence, we have introduced the tools and methodologies which are now being used throughout the organization; the concept of Atomic Design, mixed with material design approach to have unique and seamless experience both on mobile and web.


The challenge

"Create a unique & unified experience around Schneider Electric Digital tools."

The first part of our assignment was to perform an in-depth analysis of Schnieder Electric's digital tools portfolio. 

The company has business units around the world & each of them delivering a series of solutions for the industry. The main challenge was to have the different tools to work together to ensure we had the same goal; create a unified identity & experience for Schneider's digital tools.



  • Analyzed over 25 mobile & web apps 

  • Identified common elements of each solution

  • Created a unique & scalable design system - Redesigned each element using the atomic design approach to create a unique visual experience.

  • Worked with the business owners to define the rules & behaviors

  • Worked with the developers to ensure implementation was done based on requirements.

eDesign_swtichboard editor.jpg

User testing

We've worked with agencies & internal teams to proceed with several user-tests.
The goal was to understand the user pain points so as to propose the best solutions.

Our team hosted 3 user-tests in France, Sweden & Spain using high fidelity prototypes and delivered detailed reports which were used to create the roadmap to prioritize new feature implementation.

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