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We are the digital team that you need.

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Playful innovation

Innovation made fun

We are driven by our passion for digital, to adapt and adjust every time, to go beyond the limits and to deliver solutions. Going for innovation is fun, creating and delivering is orgasmic!

Our ultimate goal is to democratize digital innovation and drive disruption from end to end creating butterflies rather than caterpillars.

People ignore

design that

ignores people

- Frank Chimero

We Design for Humans

and we build digital solutions for humans

Using facts, continuous data analysis to focus on users and user adoption strategies right from ideation. We design scalable solutions for humans.

Our ultimate goal is to design and implement the best customer experience possible with digital as part of your business values.

Meet the Team


Linley Tanner

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Founder / Partner
UX & Digital Strategist


Didier Lenette

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Finance & Strategy

Work hard. Have fun. Make a difference!

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